Hello Kitty People!

I have been getting some questions about homemade recipes for cats with kidney disease. Here’s one we tried out last night, and my personal kitties seemed to like it. =)
– Cooked chicken – I did free-range, organic.
– Brown Rice – Use this to make it as thick or creamy as you’d prefer.
– Salt Substitute (potassium chloride)
– Calcium carbonate supplements – This is in bone meal as well, so really, you could choose one or the other.  
– Taurine – Amino acid that protects from blindness and tooth decay.
– Bone Meal – It sounds gross, but is nutritional.
– Cat Multivitamin
– Vitamin K – Good for liver function.
-Cranberry Extract – Cleanses liver and kidneys.
-Pill Crusher – I used a bowl and a muddler.
-Blender – I used an egg beater because I don’t own a blender.


Send us some of yours by using the contact tab, we love to exchange recipes!