Macy and Farrah are very beautiful, friendly, and love to be brushed.

Here’s their story from their foster Mommy!

“These 13 year old girls came from a very neglectful home; living in the basement for sure since February due to kids allergies. They were never allowed on furniture; they didn’t have toys, I’ve tried with the red light and they don’t have a clue what to do. Anyway, you can imagine how severely matted and scared they were when I got them? Hissing and hiding. I’d lay on the floor day after day to gain their trust. After only a few days, Farrah started coming out. After a few weeks, she was on my lap and had to be there every time I sit😻❤️ Macy took about three weeks to gain some trust; she’d let me pet her a little after giving her wet food. Now she begs and begs for pets and affection. They both absolutely love to be brushed now that all the painful matts are gone 💞 After blood work, Farrah showed needing K/d food, so I’m transitioning both over to that. Farrah has what seems to be arthritis; so she’s prescribed Meloxicam and takes it well. Macy had three bad teeth that still need attention per Dr Abby. They have had no issues using litter boxes , I keep three in their area and scoop twice daily.

So after having them for two months, I feel they must be adopted together. They never lived with other animals; so that’d be ideal; however I’ve introduced them slowly to my cats and they hiss a little but no fighting. Spike, our dog goes near them, again they hiss but nothing more. So maybe with slow introduction in a new home might work??? They definitely need someone with the patience to gain trust; Macy still hides when anyone comes in except Carrie. Ashley and Jenny have come here and been able to give her treats. I’d encourage adopters to come meet them here!”


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September 2, 2020