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If you follow Safe Haven, you probably know about the amazing work we do with animals that have special needs or disabilities. Here are five additional reasons we can use your support right now! Contributions can be made HERE.

High-volume, expansions, compassion fatigue, nonprofit stigmas, and employee education…….?!

  • Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary is experiencing the highest volume of animals EVER in its history. Pet ownership climbed from 50% to a whopping 80% over the last two years, and that is translating to more pets surrendered to rescue organizations, and a longer wait and higher price for veterinary care worldwide. This year, we have expanded our building to include 7 more quarantine rooms, two offices, one surgery/exam room, and 2,000 square feet of additional sanctuary space. Additionally, Dr. Basten joined the team – an expert DVM and high-volume surgeon. She has been a LIFE SAVER in more ways than one.
  • Can you believe that we have assisted in 3 hoarding situations in 2021 pulling a total of 54 cats from homes filled with urine, feces, and infection?! Safe Haven is currently working with animal rights organizations and community members to put hoarding under the microscope. You can catch us in the news in the coming weeks discussing our most recent hoarding case – I will be posting these interviews to our Facebook pageDid you know that some areas in Wisconsin do not have laws limiting the number of pets in a home?
  • High rates of animal care workers are experiencing compassion fatigue. During the COVID pandemic, animal care workers were often forgotten about. They did not stay home – they were caring for living beings. They were caring for all of the pets whose owners could no longer afford veterinary care due to lost income. They were caring for the pets whose owners had not survived the pandemic. They were working with the knowledge that many of our supporters couldn’t afford to donate, and that we needed to plan for the worst. Many of them volunteered part of the time and refused to take pay so that we could stay afloat. I am forever grateful for my team.
  • Recent articles trending on social media have stated that nonprofit organizations use the majority of their donations to pay CEOs a high salary and this is makes me sad. Although there are certainly orgs who spend more money on themselves, and less on their cause, you will never see me taking a large salary from my nonprofit organization. The majority of your donations go to veterinary care, and the needs of our animals. This year, I have discontinued my salary of $750/month so that it can be used by our animal care team. 
  • Safe Haven is one of the only cage-free rescues for animal with special needs or disabilities, and continues to take on the most difficult cases from all around the world. We are able to provide top notch care through offering continued education for our staff – college courses and certifications through Northeast Wisconsin Technical College’s veterinary assistant program. All staff are trained to assist Dr. Basten and to provide quality care under her supervision.

Article by: Elizabeth Feldhausen, 2021