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No pet left behind

About Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary

At Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, it is our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, care for, and find forever homes for cats and dogs with special needs and disabilities as well as provide education on their care and nutritional needs. We believe that every pet has the right to the best possible life and that having a special need or disability shouldn’t mean the end of it.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary operates as a 501(c)(3) no-kill, cage-free sanctuary that accepts cases of abuse, neglect, hoarding situations, FIV+, blindness, paralysis, missing limbs, and other physical and psychological disabilities. We also accept neonatal kittens and puppies along with senior cats and dogs. Animals in our care are only euthanized when they are experiencing uncontrollable pain and suffering and there are no further options available. Every animal that we care for becomes a part of our family and like family, stays until a home with just the right fit is found.

Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary rescues hundreds of animals per year, and operates 100% on donations. With the help of our generous donors and sponsors, we hope to be able to continue our goal to leave “no pet left behind” for many years to come.

Anyone is welcome to visit our sanctuary during open hours. You can also sign up for fun events such as Yoga with Kitties, Floor Fitness with Felines, and more! For information on visiting and adopting at our sister location in Appleton, WI, The Pawffee Shop, click here


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UPDATE as of Aug 2023 – due to funding and space intakes are currently closed, we are not accepting new animals at this time. 


If you have a cat or dog with a special need or disability* that needs a new home, please contact us at [email protected]. We will do our best to find your pet a forever home. Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary thoroughly screens adoption applicants so you can be CERTAIN your animal will go to a loving, capable home.  Due to facility limitations SHPS is not currently accepting incontinent animals. 


*Medical records and documentation are required to be submitted with inquiries.

Rehoming/Surrender Fee – $150.00

Thank You Sponsors!